Village of Orland Hills

Department of Recreation

2017 Christmas Winners


Coloring Contest Winners

4-6 year olds

1st Place – SaJah Gomaa  

2nd Place – Dylan Kurtis 

   3rd Place – Jenna Dawson 


7-9 year olds

     1st Place – Aneesa Ghusein 

2nd Place – Julia Lizak  

3rd Place – Austin Bolek 


10-12 year olds

1st Place – Madison Homerding 

2nd Place – Bryce Rohe 

3rd Place – Jacqueline Escalante 


Candy Count Winner:  Jenna Elkhatib 

Congratulations to Jenna Elkhatib who guessed 105 pieces of candy in the jar which actually had 106 pieces.  Great guess Jenna!  Hope you share with your family