All Orland Hills residents and nonresidents are invited to be a part of our FIT CITY INITIATIVE in order to become a more healthy and fit community.  Fit City includes weekly weigh-ins, monthly body fat testing and the following weekly workouts, lead by resident personal trainer Nancy Norkiewicz.  FREE to Orland Hills residents!   Non residents $20 per month or $5.00 drop-in fee.



These class offerings are ongoing every week - uninterrupted.

Sundays at 7:00am:  Swallow Cliff Run, Walk or Stairs Meet at Rec Center Parking Lot.

Mondays at 7:30pm: Fit City Club at the Rec Center

Wednesdays at 7:30pm:  Yoga at the Rec Center, Multipurpose Room

Fridays at 6:00am:  Walk/Run at Kelly Park

Saturdays at 9:00am:  Circuit at the Rec Center


Monthly Lectures are held on Thursdays at the Rec Center See Calendar for info.


Fit City Events - Fit City Events are Free to Orland Hills Residents and $5 drop in fees for Nonresidents.


TIBETAN RITES OF REJUVENATION - Wednesday, June 14th - 7:30pm

SUMMER SOLSTICE GLOW - Wednesdy, July 19th - 7:30pm 

VOLLEYBALL - Monday, July 24th - 7:30pm (Orland Hills Gymnasium)

CPR CLASS - Tuesday, August 1st - 6:00pm (Free to Orland Hills Residents $10 Nonresident)

CPR CLASS - Tuesday, August 8th - 6:00pm (Free to Orland Hills Residents $10 Nonresident)

GROUP BIKE RIDE - Monday, August 14th - 7:30pm 



Tuesday, August 1st or August 8th - Orland Hills Community Center 6:00pm-7:30pm $0 Residents, $10 Nonresident Call 349-7211 to register.