Winter Recreation Booklet

Tiny Tots (6 years and under)

Event Event Date Capacity Register
Gymboree Learning Centers 01-29-2018
Keepers and Creepers 01-30-2018
Ballet 01-30-2018
Soccer Shots Mini 02-01-2018
Floor Hockey 02-01-2018

Youth & Teen Programs (7+ Years & Teens)

Event Event Date Capacity Register
Adult Golf 01-29-2018
Jazz & Hip Hop 01-30-2018
Gym Masters 01-30-2018
Soccer Shots 01-30-2018
Co-Ed Basketball 01-31-2018
3 on 3 Basketball League 01-31-2018
Floor Hockey 02-01-2018
Snag Golf 02-01-2018
Dodgeball Program 02-02-2018
Orland Bowl Bowlopolis Camp 02-02-2018

Senior Club

Join the Orland Hills Senior Club!

All Senior activities are held at Orland Hills Community Center, 16553 s Haven Ave

Meet New People. Join in on the FUN! Registration for the Orland Hills Senior Club is taken the ENTIRE Year.


Fee: $10 + discounted prices and luncheons and trips.


Fitness Programs

Event Event Date Capacity Register
Yoga for Orland Hills Residents 01-31-2018
CPR/AED & First Aid Class 02-06-2018